Duration - 11mins

Written & Directed by JARREK MONTENEGRO

2021 - Thriller

Eleven Fifty Nine follows Ash, a 21-year-old woman who lives in fear of her boyfriend, Jake. One day, when she accidentally takes a new experimental party drug that was originally made to help individuals sleep, she experience a bad trip that allows her
subconscious to show her the truth she hides away.



Originally written back in 2017, Eleven Fifty Nine became a project that came out of the archive in the light of lockdown, shining a light on the turmoil that lockdown brought to relationships alongside the dynamic of said relationships after their honeymoon phase. Eleven Fifty Nine aims to showcase mental games played in relationships for control and ever-lasting mental effect on individuals' psyche.

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Cast - Lauren Summers (Ash), Alex Llyod (Jake), Samuel Stoitsis (Dealer)

Creatives - Taylor Bons (Producer), Jarrek Montenegro (Director/Writer), Cooper Hands (Director of Photography), Adam Juric (Editor), Daniel Lee (Composer) Alister Hudson (Colourist) Odin Karis (Sound) Chelsea Neate (Production Designer