Duration - 13mins

Written & Directed by JARREK MONTENEGRO

2018 - Crime Drama

After his mother's supposed overdose, Jesse must try to reconnect with his father through his entangled web of criminal activity. On his journey to help his grieving father, Jesse will put everything on the line



Based in Melbourne, Dingo surrounds itself in the criminal underground of the city and suburban living. Based on David Michod's 2010 film 'Animal Kingdom', Dingo expresses many of the same themes; family, loyalty and animalistic traits personified in the characters.

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Cast - Nathaniel (Jesse), Alex Rendall (Hudson), Byron J Brochmann (Detective Joseph Gillott)

Creatives - Mclean Jackson (Producer), Jarrek Montenegro (Writer/Director), Alister Hudson (Colourist), Justin Zouriakas (Sound), Chase Mantel (Sound), Patrick Marrinan (Sound), Daniel Lee (Composer), Natasha Librero (Editor), Katie Hilditch (Production Design)