Vulnerable, layered, and emotionally sophisticated performance



Ellie - a lost young woman - is offered a mysterious pill at a party and realises it allows her to “take the steps she needs to get to where she wants to be.” Eventually, Ellie gets everything she ever wanted, but the drug is no longer available, and she finds herself stranded, alone, on a clifftop of success.

Grass is an exploration of hustle culture, ambition and how to find meaning in life. Annabelle Mitchell has, with the use of a DSLR and many YouTube tutorials put together this digital theatre one woman show.



"Vulnerable, layered, and emotionally sophisticated performance"

- Catherine Blickling Eaglesnest Theatre

“I urge you to find a half hour to experience this tale. It will make you think and possibly bring you to examine some of the assumptions we live with.”

- Samsara Dunstan for “What Did She Think”

“Great to watch”
- Catherine Blickling Eaglesnest Theatre


Cast - Annabelle Mitchell

Writer/director/producer: Annabelle Mitchell
Cinematographer/coproducer: Jack Klein
Cinematography assistant: Ruby Mitchell

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