Submit your project and have it distributed via scene.

Please note that we have an internal reviewing process that dictates whether or not a project will be right for Scene.

When your project is a part of the scene you gain the ability to monetize your creative works, reach a wider audience & receive marketing via the Scene social network.

There is no upfront cost: For a small commission fee for your sales, you can start making money from your work now!


  • If you submit a project via the details below we will endeavor to review the project ASAP and give you feedback on whether or not we would like to go ahead with the distribution process. 

  • If you have been rejected for a technical standard reason, we will provide you with the recommended change in order to fit the standard needed.

  • If you are unsuccessful we will provide you will the reasons as to why we have denied the project so as to ensure a successful application in the future.

Project Type
Thanks for submitting!

 There are a few technical standards that need to be met when submitting a video production to Scene: 

  • Resolution - The video must be at least 1920x1080 High Definition and can be up to 4K Resolution.

  • File Size - With our current system it is better to have the file land around 5GB if possible. However, if it is more we can accommodate but we ask you to deliver the video via a hard drive if this is the case.

  • File Format - We recommend an MP4 or MOV. file format with an H.264 or H.256 method of compression.

  • Framerate - Although this can vary, we recommend using 25FPS or 50FPS

  • Audio Levels - In order for the viewer to have the best experience, your audio should sit at around -6DB for the entire length. This is to ensure the audience doesn't have to keep changing the volume every time. So it's worth spending time to balance it all.

  • Audio Sample Rate - Recommended rate is 48kHz

  • Quality - This can be somewhat subjective, but overall Scene has an aim to provide a high-quality experience when it comes to watching content online. It's important to note that we do not accept all applications and if it does not meet our requirements then we will reject the production. We are happy to provide feedback for any rejected productions and offer a solution if possible.


If there is anything you are unsure about then do not hesitate to reach out to us.