Duration - 5mins

Written & Directed by KURTIS LOWDEN

2018 - Horror

Walking home down a dark alleyway, a young woman discovers the night may be more dangerous that it seems with a Gentleman lurking around every corner


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Cast - Shannon Kulupach (Katrina), Jarrah Volpe (Trent), Alessandro Frosali (The Gentleman)

Creatives - Kurtis Lowden (Writer/Director) Jack Hunter (Producer) Benjamin Marcuse (1st Assistant Director) Chelsea Neate (Director of Photography), Darcy Broom (1st Assistant Camera) Maddi Powell (2nd Assistant Camera), Oscar Warren (Gaffer), Bryce Howell (Best Boy), Bella Park (Production Design), Nabhan Rabban (Wardobe), Cooper Hands (Production Assistant), Elizabeth Campbell (Script Supervisor) Michael Zachariou (Sound Recordist), Jak Scanlon (Sound Assistant), Adam Juric (Editor), Kate Haydon (Sound Designer), Danielle Growse (Post-Sound Assistant) 

Special Thanks to Adrian Newman, Madeline Mackenzie, David Schanknecht, JMC Academy & Clayton Jacobson