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About Scene.

SCENE celebrates the current, boundary-pushing artistic work of Melbourne creatives and supports homegrown artistry by generating revenue for local artists.


By sharing the stories behind the stories, SCENE opens up the workroom, pulls back the curtain, and invites you into the world of Melbourne creators.

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Our Story

Scene began as Replay: a home for filmed theatre productions - powered by Victorian Theatre Company. Brimming with a fast growing collection of filmed projects and a weekly podcast, it became clear that Replay was destined to be more than a theatre archive. 

In early 2022, with multiple theatre projects, a growing collection of short films, podcasts, radio plays, documentaries, and a feature film on the horizon, Replay become Scene - the online home of Melbourne made art.


Still powered by Victorian Theatre Company, Scene celebrates Melbourne creatives from many different disciplines and cultivates a catalogue of the best Melbourne has to offer.

Celebrating and supporting

Video Production

The Scene team also pursues video production in a variety of ways to help support artists.


From Scene original narrative film works to filming theatre performances that could not otherwise be viewed due to accessibility reasons. Any way that video production can help support artists, Scene's expert team of filmmakers is ready to jump into action.

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